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State-of-the-art cryotherapy technology finds a home in the Pocono Mountains

ICEBurg Cryotherapy

State-of-the-art cryotherapy technology finds a home in the Pocono Mountains

This “cool” new preventative and recovery wellness treatment is now available in East Stroudsburg.


EAST STROUDSBURG, PA: ICEBurg Cryotherapy has opened the first and only cryotherapy center in Northeast Pennsylvania. This groundbreaking preventative and prescriptive therapy helps with anti-aging, disease prevention, chronic pain relief, injury recovery, weight loss, and more. ICEBurg is now accepting new clients and offering wellness maintenance plans as, well as multi session memberships.


When asked about their revolutionary service offering, founder and co-owner Dan Courtright said, “This treatment is popular in California amongst high profile athletes and celebrities, but the closest location on the east coast offering a similar service with matching machinery is in Manhattan. Our facility uses the CryoScience Artic Chamber, the safest, full body cryo chamber in the world. We couldn’t be happier to bring this cutting-edge technology to the Poconos and help improve our clients’ overall health”.


The knowledgeable team at ICEBurg guides visitors through the whole process. Participants complete a one-on-one consultation with a cryotherapy team member to determine the number of sessions needed for maximum results. The client is informed what to expect during the procedure and taken to a changing room. Patrons remove all clothing, except underwear, and are given a robe, wool socks and gloves, as well as coverings for the ears, mouth, and nose. Clients are then taken to the cryotherapy structure where air is cryogenically cooled and circulated between -120°C and -150°C. Participants move in place for several seconds until instructed to perform a quarter turn. After three minutes, the service is complete, and the customer is brought back to dress in the changing room.


The main benefit of cryotherapy is rapid results, as opposed to traditional ice baths, which require significantly more time. These non-invasive, short, and extremely cold bursts of air prompt healing and recovery in the circulatory, nervous, and energy systems. Cryotherapy can be used as a beautification treatment, antidepressant, rehabilitation for sports injuries, and to repair sleep disorders.


Experience cryotherapy for only $20.00 at your first visit. Step into the future at ICEBurg Cryotherapy’s location within East Stroudsburg’s True Glory CrossFit Gym, no membership required.


About ICEBurg Cryotherapy: Located on Lackawanna Avenue in East Stroudsburg, PA, ICEBurg Cryotherapy provides state-of-the-art beauty, wellness, and recovery solutions. Cryotherapy uses extreme cold temperatures to stimulate the healing of your body’s circulatory, nervous, and energy systems. Whole body cryotherapy is utilized for muscle recovery, disease prevention, wellness, and anti-aging. ICEBurg also offers NormaTec compression therapy for the arms, hips, and legs. It moves fluid from the outermost extremities into the core by compressing, pulsing, and releasing as it works up the limb. Compression therapy maximizes filtration, increases circulation, and relieves sore muscles, expediting recovery between workouts. For more information, visit

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