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Hit Your Fitness Goals in 2018 with True Glory CrossFit

New Year at True Glory CrossFit

Hit Your Fitness Goals in 2018 with True Glory CrossFit

Do you have a New Years resolution to become more fit? True Glory CrossFit in East Stroudsburg is here to help! We offer classes at various intensities to accommodate athletes of all abilities.

Each day we will teach you new workouts and coach you on how to properly execute each exercise. We start with a team meeting where instructors describe the focus of the class and give a guided warm-up. Coaches then give a brief overview of the workout and show the class how to perform each motion with common mistakes to avoid.  The real workout begins when we turn up the music, start the clock, and participants begin exercising at their own level of difficulty and pace. The class continues until the last team member finishes, after which we stop the clock, record our times, and give celebratory high fives.

Right now, True Glory CrossFit is offering two introductory classes for free. Try CrossFit out for yourself to see how effective the workouts are and meet our awesome team. Not only will True Glory CrossFit workouts get you in shape physically, but our community will result in you feeling happier and healthier!

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