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CrossFit is for Everyone

Our program is designed so that everyone of all fitness backgrounds will leave the gym feeling the most accomplished they have ever felt. Our programming is universally scalable so if there is a movement you can’t do, we will give you a scaled/modified movement you can do. Based on what is appropriate for the athlete at the time, you will choose whether to do the workout as prescribed (RX-as written) or scale and modify the movements or workout itself. You are never required to do either/or however, a coach will make sure that you are able to perform all movements and reps safely and effectively with good technique before the start of each workout.

Scaled athletes will do the workout containing lighter reps with less skill work in place. This is to ensure that athletes who are just beginning or would just like an overall increase in fitness, will start to gain the strength and proper technique needed to advance to the RX level. RX athletes will do the workout as it is written with the amount of weight and movements required. This level is typically performed by an intermediate to advanced athlete and is able to complete workouts without movement failures. Athletes at this level are geared toward more performance based work.

Our class structure will be set up as followed:

  • Instructor guided warm-up
  • Gathering at the whiteboard to discuss the workout and the purpose of the day’s workout
  • Class strength or skill portion (If the day calls for it)
  • Class WOD (Workout of the Day)
  • Cool down and static stretching

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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